Contribee Review [2023]

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Contribee is a revolutionary online platform that has recently been gaining popularity as an effective platform for creators to fund their work. This review will provide an in-depth review of Contribee and its features, outlining why it is quickly becoming the popular platform for creators to collect donations from their sponsors through a monthly subscription.

The creators can set up their entry page to collect donations from their sponsors. The creator receives donations for a monthly fixed period, generally 30 days.

The creator can then use the funds to develop their product or service. Using this platform, you can support your favorite creators by helping them with one-off or monthly grants. 

How does Contribee work?

Contribee was founded in 2020 by Gediminas Ratkevičius and colleagues based in Lithuania.

Contribee platform is designed for creators and organizations to receive donations from their audience by providing them with unique content or exclusive offers.

Contribee is providing up to 30% lower fees and the opportunity to support beloved creators in different ways.

The Contribee platform is constructed for the benefit of the creators and sponsors. The creators can receive donations or sell their products on Contribee platform.

An integrated personal merchant e-shop makes the products available for customers and supporters. The creators can also preview their work through a dedicated entry page.

The creators can create a video or enter a project description on their profile page. The sponsors can offer funding for the project by making donations in exchange for early access to the creator's products and services. 

Contribee allows sponsors to make donations towards projects that they believe in. The funding and donation process is streamlined with the help of the Contribee platform. Contribee provides a one-time donation possibility and instant withdrawals.

You can find a wide selection of payment methods, content searches, and referral tools on the platform.

What Equipment do you need to start using Contribee? 

You will need an Internet connection. You can visit the website You will have to create your page, sign up, and verify your account on the website. 

You will have to decide which units of your content you want to place on the platform also what your sponsors will receive for different amounts of donation.

Also, you will need social media accounts. Popular social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram will be beneficial for gaining patrons. Greater awareness helps to attract more donations and support your activity.

You may need tools to create content so people subscribe to you.

Contribee Platform pricing

Contribee offers competitive terms and no taxes for creators. You will not have to pay any fees for using the platform.

Is the audience required to gain donations?

Yes, it would help if you had an audience to make money on Contribee. Contribee has a user base, and some of your contributors may come from there. But it would be best to have an audience because it will be easier to find long-term sponsors.

You can use different social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, or others to advertise your Contribee page.

Also, you can have a personal website or a blog related to your work and use it to promote your work and gain supporters. Having a large audience helps find sponsors and get support.

Who can use the Contribee platform?

To use the platform as a creator, you need to sign up for a Contribee account, be 18 or over, or have Your parents' permission. You can share your unique creations and products on the platform and gain donations.

You can browse Contribee without registering for an account. Also, you can support other creators by donating to them on the platform.

Although the Contribee platform was created very recently, there are more than 1 000 creators on the platform already. On the page, you can find various organizations and content creators like non-profit organizations, podcasts, science and education creators, sports, video, and music arts makers, and foreign creators.

If you are a creator searching for a way to receive donations, Contribee might be the answer. It is a unique platform where you can create your content and get contributions from others.

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