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Substack is an email subscription creation tool. Many hailed it as an innovative way to share your writings and monetize created content. In this article, we will look at the features of Substack and review how we can use it to develop successful newsletters for businesses and individuals.

We will discuss the ease and cost of use and what makes Substack stand out from other similar services.

Substack is a platform for hosting newsletters founded in 2017 by Christopher Best. This platform has 16 investors, including Andreessen Horowitz And Audrey Gelman, and has raised. Once you create an account with Substack, you can start building your newsletter.

You can add subscribers, organize content, and see analytics on your newsletter's success regarding opens, clicks, and engagement.

You can also use the service to create an RSS feed and send emails. The email templates are elementary to work with, and you can customize them as needed. 

How does Substack work? 

Substack is a tool that lets you create, send and optimize newsletters. Substack can be a great tool to combine with a website to bring quality content to your users and build your email marketing. The platform is easy to use and allows you to create beautiful newsletters that readers will appreciate.

Substack's newsletter templates are highly customizable. It comes with a few pre-made templates that you can use as is or modify to suit your needs. You can also create and add your newsletter templates from scratch. You can send your newsletter as you want. Also, you can start building your list and adding subscribers.

You can create newsletters with a few clicks, send them out, and track their success. You can also see the number of subscribers, how many articles were opened, and which links people clicked on.

You can also see which users have unsubscribed from your newsletter. Substack is an excellent tool if you want to make your newsletter, but it's also perfect for bloggers who want to send out a regular newsletter to their blog subscribers. 

What equipment do you need to start using Substack? 

Substack is a web-based service so you won't need any special equipment. To use Substack, you need a computer or laptop with an internet connection. You will need to create an account, and you can start sending your newsletter.

You can use your existing email account or create a new one for your newsletter. If you need to be more tech-savvy, don't worry, as Substack has guides to help you get started. You can also ask for support via the Substack forum or by email. 

What is Substack platform pricing?

Substack Platform pricing is based on the number of subscribers you have. They offer a 14-day free trial with no credit card needed. You can cancel anytime during your trial and will not be charged anything. The basic plan is free, and you can send up to 50,000 emails per month.

You can upgrade and pay monthly or annually to get more emailing capabilities. Subscription plans, such as monthly and annual, are set by writers. If you add paid subscriptions, Substack charge 10% from them, and the payment processor Stripe charges 2.9% + 30 cents.

Payments are accepted by most major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. You will be paid monthly, 30 days after the end of the previous month. Publishing is free on Substack – no matter how many subscribers you have.

Is the audience required to get subscribers on Substack? 

Yes. If you want to profit from your writings, you should have a sufficient number of subscribers. It would help if you had an audience to make money on Substack. Substack now has a base of over 500,000 subscribers and millions of readers.

But to gain subscribers, you must build trust with your audience by being consistent. Also, making your newsletter accessible might help you become more noticeable.

To grow your auditory, you can use social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, or others to promote your Substack page. Having many followers enables you to make more regular subscribers and increase monthly profit. 

The Biggest Creators on the Substack 

The top 10 authors on Substack collectively make more than $20 million a year. For example, one of the most famous authors Bill Bishop joined Substack when he had 30,000 fans and now has thousands of subscribers paying $15 per month.

The classical ad model shows that writers must attract 40,000 page views daily to earn just $1,000 a month. Substack created a model which allows you to make $60,000 per year with a steady base of 1,000 subscribers paying $5 each month.

If you are interested in sharing your writings and making them a source of livelihood, consider creating your Substack profile. Substack is an excellent tool for the renaissance of email marketing and is an easy-to-use system.

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